Dogs uncomfortable with unknown people or animals

Categories: Barking, Fear, Stranger
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About Course

In this program, we’ll walk you through the principles of desensitization and counter-conditioning, teaching your dog to associate loud sounds with positive experiences rather than fear. With patience, consistency, and a focus on your dog’s well-being, our program aims to transform your sound-sensitive pup into a more relaxed, self-assured companion.

What we cover in the session?

  • Aid and recovery for dogs exhibiting fear or reactivity toward humans or other animals
  • Tailored curriculum for dogs that bark, lunge, growl, or freeze around humans or animals.
  • Learning to help your furry friend get more comfortable around unfamiliar faces or animals.
  • Understanding the root cause of the symptoms
  • Navigation through the emotional responses

Extra Value

  • Real-time coaching sessions and bonus content
  • Catch the replays and all the tools you need for success

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